Tradicional food and incredible views in Felipe II’s chair

Beautiful scenery from Felipe II’s chair

In the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama, less than 40 kilometers from Madrid, the town of San Lorenzo de El Escorial is located. The Monte Abantos (mountain), its pine forest, and the Dehesa de La Herrería, make up the natural landscape of this place whose main point is the Monasterio de El Escorial (El Escorial’s monestary).

Felipe II’s chair is located about two miles and a half of this town. It is a lookout point carved in the rock, from where the King observed the progress of the construction of the Monastery de El Escorial. The access to the rock is through some stairs which make it an accessible point. Once you arrive at the top, finally, you will be impressed with the magnificent views.

It is said that from this natural observatory point the monarch watched the development of the works of the monastery. Experts confirm that these seats of granite are the remains of an ancient Celt Iberian altar for the King and two of his companions.

Beer Garden / Tapas Bar

In a small bar-restaurant you will find simple and delicious Spanish food. For the last 30 years they have been cooking the same recipe of a home-made “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette). You can also get chorizo, fried eggs, black pudding. The speciality: Tortilla & Ensalada (omelette and salad), will not disappointed you! You will feel like at home while enjoying an amazing scenery.

How to get there

First of all, we should arrive at San Lorenzo de El Escorial town.

By Car

There are two different highways you can take to get San Lorenzo de El Escorial from Madrid city. First, you take the A-6 Northwest and then cut over into town on M-505. This is a very popular way to get to the town from Madrid because of the sightseeing you can do along the way.

By Bus

The ride by bus number 661 from Metro Station Moncloa to El Escorial takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The ticket fare is about 3,60 euros. Beware that on Sundays this bus runs approximately only every hour (it runs more frequently on weekdays).

By Train

Alternatively, you can take a conmuter train to El Escorial at Atocha, Chamartin, Nuevos Ministerios or Principe Pio stations.  These shuttles run every twenty minutes, which the usual duration of the trip. The ticket fare is around 6 euros.
Once in San Lorenzo de El Escorial town…
If you arrive by car,  from San Lorenzo de El Escorial take M-505 towards Puerto de la Cruz Verde, then turn left on the signal  ‘La Silla de Felipe II’.
If you arrive by public transport, from San Lorenzo de El Escorial you can take a taxi (10 min.) or walking for stroll (1 hour).

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